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Create a data flow diagram online with Lucidchart! Use our DFD examples and specialized notation to visually represent the flow of data through your system.

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Data flow diagram maker

Our data flow diagram maker is simple, yet powerful. Get started with a template, then use our shapes to customize your processes, data stores, data flow, and external entities.

Make a DFD

Collaborative online tool

Data flow diagrams and system flow diagrams are much easier to put together when you collaborate. Lucidchart is an online data flow diagram tool, so you can easily invite all your colleagues to the same document, and then set permissions to let them comment or edit.

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Visualize any process

Lucidchart offers more than just data flow diagrams. From system flow diagrams, to flowcharts, to business process maps, to UML diagrams, you can visualize any process or system using Lucidchart.

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Easily make a DFD

With shapes and data flow diagram symbols for external entities, processes, data stores, and more, it's easy to graphically represent the flow of data and model process aspects. Since Lucidchart is web-based, all changes will be automatically shared with collaborators.

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Data flow diagram creator features

Lucidchart helps you understand your processes and systems with professional-quality flow diagrams.

  • Lucid Features

    Drag and drop

    Our drag and drop diagram editor makes it possible to draw a DFD with virtually no learning curve. Our data flow diagram shape library has all the shapes you need, just drag them onto the canvas to get started. You can even check out our guide to data flow diagrams.
  • Lucid Features

    Visio import/export

    Do you have co-workers or clients asking for data flows in Visio? Import your Visio files, edit them in Lucidchart, and export them back to Visio. It’s as simple as that! Our app also allows file import for SVG files and other diagramming tools.
  • Lucid Features

    OS compatibility

    Lucidchart works across all operating systems: PC, Mac, and Linux. Lucidchart is a data flow diagram generator that works anytime, anywhere, on any device. Never be limited by desktop software that only works on certain machines again!
  • Lucid Features

    Share and publish

    With easy sharing options, design iterations of your data flow will be fast and pain-free. Publish your data flow diagram as a webpage or download it as a PDF, JPG, or PNG. You can even present your diagram right in Lucidchart.
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