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Lucidchart is a visual workspace that combines diagramming, data visualization, and collaboration to accelerate understanding and drive innovation. 

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  • digital post it notes

    Take notes and organize ideas with ease

    Convert your wall of sticky notes into a compact, structured visual that you and your team can view, edit, and share whenever you need. With our convenient digital post-it notes, you and your collaborators can capture ideas as quickly as you can think them and then use Lucidchart’s intuitive interface to turn them into organized and actionable to-do lists, reminders, and plans that can keep your team on task.

  • online bulletin board

    Collaborate and share your ideas in minutes

    Our online bulletin board lets you and your team collaborate in the same canvas—with all of your edits updating in real time. Make changes, comment on individual online sticky notes, and chat with your collaborators without ever leaving the Lucidchart editor. With instant and centralized collaboration, you can quickly and easily zero in on your team’s best ideas and keep track of action items as your project moves forward.

  • import digital sticky notes

    Import your notes for an instant online bulletin board

    Save yourself the hassle of entering all your ideas manually by turning your meeting notes into online sticky notes. Easily import a plain text file or a CSV directly to Lucidchart to automatically generate digital sticky notes on your canvas. If your meeting notes are on physical sticky notes, you can easily type them up, import the file, and then format your automatically generated post-it notes with swimlanes, color coding, and more.

  • Lucidchart compatible devices

    Create, edit, and share from any device

    Because Lucidchart is compatible across devices, it’s easier than ever to take and share your notes using our virtual sticky notes. Our software works uniformly across Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems, as well as Android and iPhone devices, so your online post-it board is just a click away—no matter what device you or your team might be using. And since we’re based in the cloud, you can access your work whenever and wherever you need to.

How to use digital post-it notes to capture your ideas


Brainstorm with your team

Get your team together to brainstorm, then open a blank Lucidchart canvas or template. Open the sticky note shape library or import your plan text file or CSV to get started.


Share your document with collaborators

Using our drag-and-drop interface, your collaborators can all add sticky notes to your diagram, whether you’re all working at once or one at a time.


Organize your online sticky notes

You can organize your sticky notes using our wide variety of containers, swimlanes, or labels. Add text, formatting, and colors to organize your ideas exactly how your team needs.


Identify action items

Update, add, and reformat your sticky notes as needed. Organize your notes by to-do lists, personal and group projects, short- and long-term objectives, and more.


Turn your online sticky notes into diagrams

Use Lucidchart to create mind maps, process flowcharts, wireframes, and other diagrams to take your ideas to the next phase of execution—complete with distinct tasks and decision points.

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