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Lucidchart org chart maker

Better than your average org chart software

  • org chart software

    Org chart software for HR and operations

    As organizations scale and manage growth, HR and operations teams rely on org chart software to clarify who’s who and who does what within an organization. Leveraging an org chart maker is especially useful in large organizations—turn reporting structures and relationships between departments into diagrams that are easy to read and understand. Make an organizational chart online and keep it centrally located in Lucidchart to improve internal communications. Give employees view-only access to ensure they have the information they need as you maintain editing control.

  • Org chart data import

    Import data for faster org chart creation

    Lucidchart empowers users to make an organizational chart online in just a few easy steps. Build org charts from scratch, use templates, or upload employee data to auto-generate a diagram using the data import feature. Select your spreadsheet file type and verify the dataset to be imported. Keeping your data updated is easier than ever with our org chart generator—if your data sets are linked to Google Sheets, easily refresh and update your diagrams as you make changes to the data or simply upload a new and updated CSV.

  • bamboohr org charts

    Integrated with BambooHR

    Teams that use Lucidchart as their primary org chart maker can leverage the power of the built-in BambooHR integration. Import your existing BambooHR data and generate professional org charts so you can visualize new reporting structures or plan for new people and projects. You can share this information with executives and employees using presentation mode, by sharing a URL, or by integrating your diagrams into Google Slides, Confluence, and Slack.

  • org chart maker

    Manage, sort, and update with ease

    Companies constantly grow and change, so your org charts need to be updated frequently, or you may need to see them from a different perspective. Unlike other org chart creators, Lucidchart helps you efficiently build and update your org chart without the pain of constant reformatting, starting from scratch, or manually making updates in multiple places. Easily add, move, and delete employees. Use group view to sort by name, department, scrum team, job role, salary amount, and other fields. Use conditional formatting and icons to ensure pay equity, create scrums teams, and more.

Make an org chart using our data import features


Create a spreadsheet

Before you get started in Lucidchart, organize your employee data in a spreadsheet such as a CSV, Excel document, or Google Sheet for easy import later on.


Use the data import for org charts

Apply the org chart shape library in Lucidchart. Then click “Import Data” and follow the import flow. Select your spreadsheet file type and verify the dataset you want to import.


Modify fields, photos, and styling

Your imported data will appear as an org chart on its own page. Add or delete fields as needed, and customize your shapes with photos, different fonts, text, and colors individually or all at once using the themes option.


Manage and edit employees

Update, manage, and replace your org chart's employee data manually by dragging and dropping shapes onto the canvas or by using the “Manage Data” icon in the data panel.


Present and share the current version

Present and share your org chart directly from the Lucidchart org chart editor with presentation mode. Or, create a shareable URL with controlled permissions, embed it on a webpage, or embed it in one of our leading app integrations, such as Slack.


Group your employees by any field in your data set

Group your employees by location, seniority, or other attributes by double-clicking to edit your org chart. Click the layout option on the data panel and select “create group view.” Choose the field you’d like to group by.

Frequently asked questions about our org chart software

How do I modify the layout of my org chart?

You can drag and drop shapes to change who reports to whom, change the layout or spacing of your org chart by clicking the “Layout” dropdown in the data panel, or create an alternate view of your org chart with the group view feature.

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What data sources do you support for org chart import?

You can import data to generate org charts from CSVs, Excel spreadsheets, Google Sheets, and BambooHR.

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Can I add headshots to my org chart?

Yup! To add a headshot to an org chart shape, select the shape and click “Photo.” You can upload a photo from your local device or upload a publicly hosted image by pasting the URL in the associated text field.

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Create an organizational chart online in Lucidchart

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