• Project Management Tool

    If you're tackling a big project, Lucidchart can help your team collaborate quickly with in-editor comments and live chats.

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  • Manage Your Projects

    To avoid being overwhelmed at the last minute, trust your project to Lucidchart. Our real-time collaboration will speed the entire process from start to finish.

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Project management software

To be effective, project management software should work anywhere, any time. Lucidchart software is compatible with any browser and any device. All you need is an Internet connection and you'll be on your way.

Project management lifecycle

On a team account, you can manage a project from inception to completion, regardless of how large your team is or where they're located. With zero turnaround time, you'll be managing your projects at the speed of Lucidchart.

Project management template

With a Lucidchart account, you gain access to dozens of templates that can help with project management, including process flowcharts, BPMN, and much more. You can even create custom templates for your team to use regularly.

Real-time collaboration

Nobody does real-time collaboration better than Lucidchart, whether it's sharing documents with others, coordinating in-editor with your team, or live syncing of changes and edits. You can even video chat with team members!