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Add clarity to your flowchart when you use Lucidchart’s swimlane diagram software to delineate who performs each part of a process. Our swimlane diagram maker is powerful yet easy to use—you can start diagramming in minutes!

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Swimlane Diagram Tool

Visualize any process using Swimlane diagrams built in Lucidchart. Our Swimlane diagram tool has ready-made templates and is accessible from any device!

Why you need swimlane diagram software

A swimlane diagram encourages accountability by placing process steps within horizontal or vertical swimlanes of a specific employee, team, or department. It demonstrates flows of communication and highlights handoffs within a process.
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Swimlane diagram templates

Swimlane diagrams focus on resolving inefficiencies, collaborating with anyone involved in a process, and identifying responsibilities between employees and departments. Start diagramming a process using one of our swimlane diagram templates. Simply open the template and then add shapes and formatting to make it your own.
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Ali Khan, Director of Technology Operations at Warby Parker

“We've been trying to establish a new project process. Despite the kind of project process you choose -- Waterfall, Agile, RUMBA -- all can be hard to learn. As a result, we’ve used Lucidchart extensively to make the project process visual with swimlanes, flowcharts, and other symbology. Now, people can visualize things in a simple way, rather than reading 30 pages of a project process."
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The ideal swimlane diagram maker

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    Share with anyone

    Now you don’t have to email documents back and forth and deal with versioning issues. With the click of a button, Lucidchart’s swimlane diagram tool lets you share your document with all those involved in a process. Maintain control by choosing whether collaborators have editing, commenting, or view-only access. Use @mentions to invite people to review a specific part of the diagram, or even start a chat within Lucidchart.
  • Lucid Features

    Visualize with ease

    With a swimlane shape library and simple drag-and-drop functionality, Lucidchart’s swimlane diagram software is easy for anyone to use. Even team members new to diagramming can get started with minimal instruction. Spend more time optimizing your processes and less time learning how to diagram them.
  • Lucid Features

    Work from Anywhere

    Never worry about accessibility with our online swimlane diagram maker. Lucidchart plays nicely with all systems and platforms so you can diagram processes from any web browser running on Mac, Linux, or Windows. Diagram anywhere you go without ever downloading software.
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    Fully Integrated

    Increase productivity by using Lucidchart with all your favorite applications. Our swimlane creator integrates seamlessly with leading workplace productivity apps, including G Suite, Microsoft Office, Slack, HipChat, Confluence, and JIRA. Setting up your integrations is simple so that you can instantly make visuals a part of every Google Doc, PowerPoint, and Slack conversation.
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