SWOT Analysis Software

Lucidchart's online SWOT analysis software provides the tools and templates you need to create clear, organized diagrams to analyze any new endeavor.

Planning is the first step to success

Any business has strengths and weaknesses, but no organization exists in a vacuum--you must also analyze the opportunities and threats that abound in the marketplace. Our SWOT analysis tool keeps users informed about internal and external factors that affect their company's success. Lucidchart's SWOT tool utilizes a simple quadrant layout to quickly and efficiently chart and present key market findings. Whether you work with a business, a government entity, or a non-profit organization, our SWOT diagram templates below will help you find success while navigating and solving tough problems in a complex global environment.

SWOT Templates

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Lucidchart saves you time

As you know, traditional SWOT diagrams encompass 4 areas: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. With Lucidchart, we add another intangible layer: time. Delving into market research takes a significant amount of time and energy, so we've streamlined the diagramming process as much as possible. With real-time collaboration, including in-editor chats and comments, you'll be plotting and presenting important insights within minutes. Our Smart Themes provide a professional-looking layout with one click, making grueling slideshow preparation a thing of the past.

A variety of use cases

Lucidchart's SWOT analysis tool is perfect for businesses and non-profits, as well as students and freelancers. SWOT analyses, or SWOT matrices, are useful in any decision-making process with a defined end goal. For example, a company preparing to launch a new product might use a SWOT creator to figure out how much money the product will make within 6 months of launch. First, they'll build a comprehensive overview of the product's strengths and weaknesses, as well as threats from competitors and regulators. Lastly, they'll examine the opportunities, both local and worldwide, that the product could take advantage of.

SWOT analysis may also be used in crisis situations, survey planning, fund-raising strategizing, and market expansions. A well-designed SWOT matrix can shed light on the perspective of inside contacts--think managers, product developers, and marketers--and outside influences like lawmakers, suppliers, public relations representatives, advertisers, partners, and end consumers.