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Make better business decisions with Lucidchart’s SWOT analysis generator. We make it easy to get feedback from every department and put together a thorough and actionable analysis.

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SWOT Analysis Creator

A SWOT analysis diagram will help you to identify the pros and cons of your decisions both from an internal and external perspective.

SWOT analysis diagrams and more

SWOT analyses are an essential part of every important business decision. With Lucidchart’s SWOT analysis creator you can effectively plan new marketing or business initiatives, make informed decisions about business ventures such as product expansions or go-to-market strategies, and conduct a competitive analysis of your industry.
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Start with templates

Not entirely sure where to begin? Our Lucidchart editor is packed with professional SWOT analysis templates to give you a head start. Find the format that’s right for you and continue to customize with the shapes and text to customize your flowchart to your liking. When you're finished, you can even save that flowchart as a template for your whole team to use!
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Ease of use

Making a SWOT analysis with Lucidchart’s polished interface is so easy with our smart drag-and-drop editor. Working with another person or an entire team is clutter-free with our creative collaboration features. When you’re finished, publish your SWOT analysis in almost any format, add it a report or presentation, share it via email or social media, or simply embed it right on your webpage.
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Creating, collaborating, and sharing your diagrams efficiently.

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    Visualize with ease

    Right from the beginning, our SWOT chart maker is incredibly easy to use. Lucidchart does not require any installation or setup—you access the latest version of our software every time you log in. Plus, the diagramming controls are so intuitive that anybody can make a SWOT chart instantly.
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    Share with anyone

    Your SWOT analyses are relevant to the entire company and meant to be considered before every important business decision. Lucidchart makes it easy to get your SWOT charts in front of decision makers by allowing you to share your SWOT charts with anyone, even if they don’t have a Lucidchart account. Just send a link, a PDF, or a PNG, or embed your diagram in a company wiki or webpage.
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    Work from anywhere

    Lucidchart is compatible with every major operating system, including Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. Access, edit, and share your documents from any internet-enabled device no matter the location.
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    Integrate with apps

    Connect our SWOT analysis software to all of your favorite workplace apps. Whether you prefer G Suite, Microsoft Office, Atlassian, or Slack, Lucidchart provides a seamless way to share and store diagrams within your established ecosystem.
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