Visualize opportunity with Lucidchart and Salesforce

As part of the sales process, you need to understand the layout of an organization and leverage that information to close the deal. Add our organizational chart tool to your arsenal—it works with Salesforce and allows you to visualize your strategy effortlessly.

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Map an organization in minutes

CRMs show your prospective clients as a list of names and titles—not the ideal way to decide whom to contact. Lucidchart ensures that you find the people with real buying power to deliver your quota month after month. Use Lucidchart to create Salesforce organizational charts that:

  • Outline the political landscape of the company.
  • Identify key decision makers you should speak with.
  • Keep track of interactions with various contacts.
  • Highlight different roles or allies within the company.
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Fast & simple from the start

Although an org chart could help you solidify a strategy, you would prefer to spend less time creating diagrams and more time closing deals. Lucidchart offers a win-win solution. With its intuitive interface and org chart templates, you can build your diagram fast, leaving more time for more sales and higher commission.

Built for collaboration

In Lucidchart, you’ll benefit from real-time collaboration and plenty of ways to share your org charts. Sales reps and account executives can pass documents back and forth as they learn more about prospective clients. Easily adjust the org chart, add notes about your interactions, and store for reference until the opportunity closes.

Easy to add to your workflow

Lucidchart lives where our users work—if you rely heavily on Salesforce, our diagramming software will be there, too. You can incorporate organizational charts into your existing sales process. Simply link to your Lucidchart document.

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