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Looking for a fishbone diagram template? Lucidchart is a free alternative to Visio! Use this guide to help youas instructions on how to use it.

Compatible with Microsoft Visio

If you’re concerned about choosing Lucidchart over Visio, rest assured that our program is fully Visio-compatible. As the best Visio alternative, you can open nearly any Visio file that’s sent to you with Lucidchart’s Visio import option, which is free for everyone. With a Pro account, you can also edit the document or export a Lucidchart document to .vdx format. You’ll never regret switching to Lucidchart: it’s more affordable, easier to use, and built for true collaboration.

Making a Fishbone Diagram with Lucidchart

Fishbone diagrams are useful tools for determining potential causes of a problem. Making them is easy with a template like the one below. Simply click on the image to enter Lucidchart’s intuitive editor. From there, double-click on the problem statement and category boxes to change text. You’ll find that it’s effortless to add additional text, change colors, delete existing shapes, or alter the diagram’s size. No need for a lengthy tutorial to get you started; just jump right in!

Fishbone Diagram Template

Demo this fishbone diagram below for free. Registration is quick and easy.

fishbone diagram template