Flowchart for iPhone

Looking for a free and easy flowchart app? With Lucidchart's iPhone application, you can create stunning flowcharts, wireframes, mockups, UML diagrams, ER diagrams, and much more!

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Speedy drawing

Lucidchart's iPhone application is fast and reliable. You've always been able to open and create docs on the web, but this app makes diagramming even more convenient.

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True collaboration

As with our desktop application, real-time collaboration is a breeze. Invite an unlimited number of users to view or edit your iPhone diagrams. Changes will sync instantly.

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Hundreds of shapes

Browse the template collection or start from scratch. You can choose from hundreds of shapes, including flowcharts, mind maps, floor plans, and many others.

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Feature Highlights

Making a flowchart on your iPhone is simple with these powerful features.

  • Lucid Features

    Diagrams made easy

    At Lucidchart, we believe that making a digital diagram should be even easier than sketching it out by hand. Our intuitive interface lets you drag elements across the screen with just a swipe of your finger.

  • Lucid Features

    Professional themes

    Professional themes set Lucidchart apart from other diagramming apps. Get access to colors, fonts, and templates that have been hand-picked by our graphic designers. You'll produce a beautiful finished product.

  • Lucid Features

    Highly compatible

    Not only does Lucidchart offer a powerful iOS app, the browser-based app works on Mac, PC, and even Linux. And you can access all of your same diagrams from anywhere, no matter which device or OS you choose.

  • Lucid Features

    Share securely

    All Lucidchart diagrams are stored securely behind layers of data encryption. You can decide whether you'd like to share them with the world, show to the colleagues, or keep them completely private.

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