Install Lucidchart for Google Apps

Lucidchart is an installable app on the Google Apps Marketplace! If you're a domain administrator on Google Apps, you can install Lucidchart into your Google Apps domain. Lucidchart will show up on the top navigation bar under 'More' next to Gmail, Calendar, and Documents.

Step-by-step instructions for the domain administrator

The best way to work with Lucidchart within your organization is for the domain administrator to upgrade to a Lucidchart Team account, then invite all interested people in the domain to share that account.

  1. If you already have a Lucidchart account, make sure the email address on your Lucidchart account is the same email address you use to administer your Google Apps domain.

  2. Install Lucidchart into your Google Apps domain.

  3. Click the link for Lucidchart in the Google Apps link area.

  4. If you didn't have a Lucidchart account yet, one will be created for you.

  5. When each member of your domain clicks through the Lucidchart link from Google Apps, they will have accounts automatically created for them with the email addresses from your Google Apps domain. They will automatically join your Lucidchart Team account.

If you have any problems with this process, or any questions about Lucidchart and the Google Apps Marketplace, feel free to contact us.