Lucidchart Integrations

Connect Lucidchart to all your favorite industry-leading apps.

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Discover powerful integrations with Docs, Drive, and Sheets, and manage your Lucidchart team through G Suite.

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Lucidchart integrates across Atlassian. Embed diagrams in Confluence wikis, Jira issues, and Hipchat rooms, or generate UML diagrams automatically from code in Bitbucket.

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Add context to your diagrams when you integrate with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Admins can give their teams instant access through Centralized Deployment.

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Automatically import your Salesforce contacts into Lucidchart and drag and drop them onto the canvas to build powerful account maps and find the best path to sale.

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Linkedin Sales Navigator

Get recommendations for leads and proposed actions. Leverage InMail to connect projects using suggested ice breakers—all within the context of your Lucidchart account maps.

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With a simple command, you can share diagrams in Slack or start a new Lucidchart document that anyone in your channel can access.

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Visualize your AWS architecture in minutes. Our AWS import feature automatically lays out each of your VPCs to simplify network documentation.

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Create a new diagram or insert an existing one from your Apps Dashboard—Lucidchart enhances the collaboration and communication Jive offers.

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Insert a public link to a Lucidchart diagram so team members can quickly understand an issue or pull request.

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Import your BambooHR data and generate professional org charts so you can visualize new reporting structures or plan for new people and projects.

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Embed existing Lucidchart diagrams into your Quip documents—or create a diagram directly in Quip with our embedded editor—to drive clarity and collaboration for every project.

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Partner-Built Integrations


Turn lengthy narratives into simple flowcharts. With this integration, you can embed Lucidchart diagrams alongside your other audit documentation in AuditBoard.

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Facilitate growth and efficiency throughout your business. Design your workflows in Lucidchart, and click any step to learn how to complete the task in Nextpond.

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Once you discover network devices and generate a network map in UVexplorer, you can easily edit and share your network maps with Lucidchart.

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Zoho Connect

Sync Lucidchart and Zoho Connect to post your diagrams directly to the network or group wall or start collaborating with group members on a new diagram.

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Share knowledge with your team by embedding Lucidchart diagrams into Nuclino. Simply create a public link for your diagram and paste it inside the editor of a Nuclino item.

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Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper will automatically generate a preview of your Lucidchart diagram, right inside the Paper document, when you paste a publish link.

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Import and Export

Visio Import/Export

Transition to the cloud without losing your existing diagrams. Lucidchart offers mass Visio import, a free Visio viewer for Google Chrome, and even Visio export for those who haven't made the switch.

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With our import, you can take advantage of the automation, integrations, and advanced security available from Lucidchart. Simply import your diagrams and start editing.

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OmniGraffle Import

Unlike OmniGraffle, Lucidchart will work on PC, Mac, and Linux. Convert your OmniGraffle files so you can collaborate on diagrams with users on any operating system.

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Gliffy Import

Switching over from Gliffy? Lucidchart makes the process simple—our mass Gliffy import will even convert all the diagrams within a Confluence space at once.

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Single Sign-on (SSO) and Provisioning

Authentication with SSO

Lucidchart supports secure user authentication and authorization through any identity provider using SAML, including Google, Okta, OneLogin, Ping, ADFS, Centrify, and Shibboleth.

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Automated License Provisioning

With SCIM, you can automatically provision Lucidchart licenses (with editing privileges or view-only access) when anyone makes changes within your identity provider.

OKTA and OneLogin

Mobile Apps

iOS App

Diagram on the go with our powerful iPad and iPhone apps, which feature intuitive controls to help you view, create, edit, and comment on your Lucidchart documents.

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Android App

Access your Lucidchart documents whenever you need them. Android users can view and edit existing diagrams or create new ones to visualize processes, ideas, and systems anytime, anywhere.

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