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Lucidchart speeds up training and code implementation by generating UML class diagrams from your code stored in Bitbucket.

Syncs across Atlassian
Generate class diagrams from code

Generate class diagrams from code

Any major company has source code. Very few companies have class diagrams to easily reference that source code since they are tedious and time-consuming to put together. Lucidchart removes the tedium with our Bitbucket integration—in one click, you’ll generate a UML class diagram from the code in your repository.
Navigate your source code

Navigate your source code easily

No need to scroll through lines and lines of code to find what you need—use visual documentation to save time and work faster. In your class diagrams generated from Bitbucket, simply click on a piece of the diagram in the class object and jump to a specific piece of the code in your repo.
Syncs across Atlassian

Sync with all of Atlassian

Store your visuals everywhere else you work. Lucidchart is the only platform where you can build technical diagrams and integrate them across the Atlassian Suite. Embed a visual reference to your Confluence wiki, attach diagrams to Jira Software issues as you investigate, and send documents via Hipchat when you want to share knowledge or discuss new ideas.
Easy installation

Installation is easy!

  1. Find the Bitbucket app in the Atlassian Marketplace
  2. Install the app
  3. Grant permission to connect your Lucidchart account
  4. Go to a Bitbucket repository to generate a class diagram

If you don’t have a Lucidchart account, sign up to use this integration.