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Increase team collaboration

Adding Lucidchart to G Suite is simple and increases collaboration. Lucidchart customers who integrate with G Suite share 25% more documents with their colleagues. Get started now!

Google ready

See why millions of G Suite users trust Lucidchart for their professional diagrams. It’s easy to install Lucidchart, provision licenses, and collaborate across your entire domain.

Easy for admins

Lucidchart is the premier diagramming solution for organizations of all sizes. It’s built for simplicity and intuitiveness, which extends to enterprise-grade controls for administrators.

Versatile toolkit

Our application is the simplest way to draw flowcharts, process maps, UML diagrams, and more. Enjoy real-time collaboration, hundreds of shape libraries, and a truly intuitive editor.

Visio alternative

Lucidchart is the preferred alternative to Microsoft Visio on the web. Since we offer support for Visio files, it’s easy to migrate your old documents or work with colleagues who haven’t made the switch.

The perfect fit for any team

“Lucidchart brings clarity and insight to situations where a PowerPoint just wouldn’t cut it.”

Gabe Gloege | Director of Learning & Development

Deep Google integration

Easy deployment

Integrate Lucidchart with G Suite in just a few steps. Our integration puts diagramming at your fingertips—simply find Lucidchart in the App Launcher, then drag and drop shapes onto the canvas.

Google Drive

Create, open and share Lucidchart documents right from from Google Drive. It’s also easy to open Microsoft Visio files, set up regular backups of your documents, and store those docs in Drive.

Google Docs

Streamline your communication by adding useful images to Google Docs. Lucidchart’s add-on can be enabled by your admin, then used to insert your Lucidchart documents right into a Google Doc.

Single sign-on

You don’t need to keep track of another login—just sign in with your G Suite email address. With a Lucidchart for Enterprise account, you have even more authentication options.

Powerful team management

No more shadow IT

Custom built for teams, Lucidchart for Enterprise offers precise administrative control over sharing and permissions. Add all of your users onto one account and retain documents when an employee leaves.

Built-in security

Control sharing, publishing, and collaboration settings across your entire domain. For additional security, admins may require SSO and SAML authentications with Google, OneLogin, Okta, Ping, and more.

Premium support

Get fast, helpful advice when you need it. Choose Lucidchart for Enterprise and you’ll receive prioritized support, which includes a dedicated account manager for large accounts.

Boost productivity

Give your team a professional tool for creating, sharing, and presenting diagrams. With integrations for top business apps—G Suite, Atlassian, and more—your colleagues can streamline any workflow.

A versatile set of tools

Real-time collaboration

Get your team on the same page. Collaborators in Lucidchart can see others’ edits, discuss ideas over group chat, and leave unobtrusive comments. It all adds up to a simple, efficient way of working.

Available 24/7

To get your diagrams done, you don’t have to stay late at the office or worry about transferring licenses between computers. That’s because Lucidchart is available online from any device, any time of the day or night.

Every use case

Lucidchart is ideal for business and technical diagrams, both simple and complex. Whether you’re a business analyst, IT admin, project manager, or web designer, we have the shapes you need.

Cross-platform compatibility

There’s no need to choose between great software and your favorite operating system. Lucidchart runs seamlessly on Mac, PC, and Linux. You can even use offline mode at times when you lack Internet access.

Full Visio compatibility

Visio import

We’re one of the only applications to offer import and export for Microsoft Visio files. Since imported files are completely editable, there’s no need to recreate your existing work; simply upload and edit as needed.

VDX export

It’s easy to export Lucidchart documents to a Visio format, which is perfect for sharing with colleagues and clients. See why thousands of companies have switched to Lucidchart to build, share, and save professional diagrams.

Document migration

Lucidchart is designed to import not only Microsoft Visio files, but OmniGraffle documents too. To save even more time, users can upload PNG, JPG, and SVG files into their documents.

Flexible sharing

Don’t worry about the file compatibility of your finished work. With PDF, VDX, and image file export, you can share with anyone, anywhere. With a few clicks, docs can even be embedded in a website.