Integrate Lucidchart with


The premier visualization app for Atlassian just got even better. Integrate with Hipchat for better sharing and collaboration.

Syncs across Atlassian
Instantly create diagrams in HipChat

Sync with Confluence and Jira Software

Only Lucidchart syncs across Confluence, Jira Software, and Hipchat, opening new opportunities for capturing and sharing knowledge via Atlassian.

Easily document ideas visually in Hipchat and then seamlessly embed in Confluence for future reference or attach to Jira Software issues to take action.

Instantly create diagrams in HipChat

/lucidchart command

Hipchat users can now use the /lucidchart command to instantly create and share diagrams for quick and easy collaboration.

Just type /lucidchart in any Hipchat room, and we'll post a link in that room to a new diagram that anyone on your team can edit.

Share diagrams in public or individual Hipchat rooms

Share to Hipchat

Users can share their diagrams with public Hipchat rooms or individual Hipchat users from Lucidchart's Share dialog.

Posting processes, workflows, and ideas back to Hipchat is a great way to enhance discussions and share knowledge.