Lucidchart for Quip

Convey complex processes, solutions, and information by adding professional visuals and diagrams into Quip. Bring all your big ideas together and collaborate within a single live document.

Diagram directly in Quip

Simply type @Lucidchart Diagram to start using the embedded Lucidchart editor. It’s easy to get started—without even logging into Lucidchart, you can drag and drop shapes, add shape libraries, and change formatting to create diagrams within the Quip environment. For advanced diagramming features, you can access the full Lucidchart editor from Quip.

Integrate with ease

Quickly embed existing diagrams into your Quip documents to simplify team communication. You can keep your sales team up to date when you combined influencer maps with your Salesforce records and other key information or coordinate efforts on a product team when you include user flow diagrams, mockups, and timelines.

Get started with templates

Sometimes the hardest part is getting started. That’s why we’ve built templates to make diagramming faster and easier. Instead of staring at a blank canvas, select a diagram from the template picker in Quip and customize it to fit your needs.

Connect your Lucidchart account

If you already use Lucidchart, you can easily link your existing Lucidchart account to Quip so you can view or embed your previously created diagrams. Use the @Lucidchart Diagram command to connect your account.