Lucidchart for Salesforce

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With our Salesforce integration, you can import your Salesforce contacts to build powerful account maps, import your schema to generate an ERD, and keep customer documentation in a centralized location.

Import Salesforce contacts

Salesforce contains valuable data—but it doesn’t connect the dots or show you the relationships that create consensus necessary to close a deal. In Lucidchart, sales reps can import their Salesforce contacts and quickly build account maps to visualize key relationships and find the best path to sale. With bi-directional sync, any changes made in Lucidchart, such as adding new contacts, will be instantly reflected in Salesforce and vice versa.

Build ERDs automatically

As you program Salesforce to automate processes and become more effective for your sales org, use our Salesforce schema import to automatically visualize every table and relationship as an ERD. Lucidchart gives you the chance to visualize your current state, make hypothetical changes, and share those changes with others in your organization.

Centralize sales documentation

Store all of your Lucidchart documents, including technical documentation and current/future state diagrams, within Salesforce account records to drive transparency. Account maps are centrally owned and managed in Salesforce—so anyone with access to the Salesforce account record or opportunity can review a deal’s status at a glance, including sales reps who acquire new accounts and leadership looking to accurately predict pipeline.