Integrate Lucidchart with Slack


Stay on top of your documents and streamline collaboration with Lucidchart’s integration for Slack.

Add to Slack
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Install and update with ease

To install or update this integration, click the Add to Slack button above. You'll need to log in or register for a Lucidchart account. You'll then be prompted by Slack to accept the permissions requested by the app. Admins can easily deploy Lucidchart across your entire organization at once—no matter how many Slack workspaces you have. 


Drive projects forward with Slack notifications

Receive notifications for your Lucidchart documents instantaneously in Slack. Get notified about new comments, shares, and document requests.

Post to Slack

Simplify sharing with document permissions in Slack

Save time by managing document permissions directly in Slack, rather than opening Lucidchart. When you paste a Lucidchart document link in Slack, you can provide view, comment, or edit access to your documents right before you send your instant message. 

Lucidchart Slack integration

Get on the same page quickly with Slack Shortcuts

Create a new Lucidchart document using Slack’s global shortcut or the /lucidchart command, and share it to a channel to better collaborate with your teams.

Share to Slack from Lucidchart

Share your diagrams with public Slack channels or individual Slack users from Lucidchart's Share dialog.

Access and preview Lucidchart documents in Slack

When you or a coworker shares a Lucidchart document link, you’ll get a thumbnail preview of the document, and the link will be converted into a document that you can search for and access in Slack. 

Add visual collaboration to your workplace communication

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