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Monitor processes, sales deals, Jira tickets, or other metrics within Lucidchart by creating zaps that send data from 1000+ apps into Lucidchart.

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How to integrate

How to Integrate

1. Explore the app(s) that connect your data to Lucidchart or visit Lucidchart’s app profile to see some examples.

2. Set up a Zapier account (it’s free), and select “Make a zap.”

3. Select the app you would like to send data from, and set up a trigger.

4. Select Lucidchart as your action app, and indicate how you’d like Lucidchart to manage the incoming data.

5. Visualize your Zapier data by linking your incoming data to processes, adding your data to smart containers, or linking your data to dynamic shapes.


Send live data into Lucidchart

Use Zapier’s intuitive interface to send data from one of Zapier’s 1000+ partnered apps into Lucidchart. To get started, set up a free Zapier account, select the app you would like to use as your data source, then select Lucidchart as the action app. Once the Zapier connection has been configured, your data in Lucidchart will update automatically based on a trigger in your data source app that you determine.


Create a single source of truth

Instead of pulling data from multiple apps every time you need an update on performance metrics, the Zapier integration can help you see the status of an initiative in seconds and all in one place. Whether you’re watching sales deals progress through the funnel or monitoring your AWS instance, Zapier can help you bring data from your favorite apps into Lucidchart.


Monitor metrics in context

Create flexible dashboards that show data in context. When you link Zapier data to process shapes, you can identify where customers are dropping out of a conversion funnel or see the bottlenecks in a manufacturing process. When you link Zapier data to a dynamic shape, you can visualize progress on key metrics and KPIs.

Visualize your Zapier data with Lucidchart

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