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Need a network diagram to demonstrate the security of your AWS infrastructure? Lucidchart automates the process—simply enter your credentials to generate a professional diagram in minutes.

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import your architecture

Import your architecture

Complex network diagrams can take days to build manually. Earn that time back by importing your AWS architecture directly into Lucidchart. Enter your AWS credentials or run a bash script, and Lucidchart will import your data with the appropriate shape type, name, and relationship between components.
generate your diagram

Use auto-layout to generate your diagram

Once you’ve imported your architecture, Lucidchart will automatically lay out each VPC and its contents. If you prefer to diagram your network manually, our platform still speeds up the process—click any imported node to reveal its components and add them to your diagram.
share and present

Share and present

Once you’ve generated your network diagram, you can easily share it to complete your security review. Send your diagram directly from Lucidchart, even to those who don’t have an account, export it as an image, or convert your diagram into slides with presentation mode.

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