FlairBuilder Alternative

For an affordable all-in-one solution, choose Lucidchart. Industry leaders appreciate our platform compatibility and superior customer service. Work with anyone. Lucidchart has mastered collaborative diagramming in the browser. Cutting-edge features, including video chat, allow your team to communicate quickly.

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Fast collaboration

Enable collaboration with zero interruptions. With Lucidchart, multiple users can work on a single document—no additional software required.

You’ll be able to solicit and implement feedback in just seconds.

Benefits of the cloud

To install Flairbuilder, your computer must be running Adobe AIR. Use Lucidchart instead for a hassle-free deployment.

You can access your documents from any browser, operating system, or device.

FlairBuilder Lucidchart

Operating systems

MacWindows MacWindowsLinux

Sharing, chatting, and real-time collaboration

(without any additional products)

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No downloads or updates

(allowing users to always have the most up-to-date version)


Visio import & export

(including Visio stencils)


Web-based software

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Extensive shape libraries


Free licenses for lite users


Flexible tools

Use our program to build beautiful mockups and wireframes for iOS, Android, and the web. Then apply the same interactivity to a variety of diagrams.

FlairBuilder costs just as much as Lucidchart, but offers none of the flexibility.

Range of pricing options

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Visio compatibility

Visio import and export allows you to work with any client or partner. Traditional diagrammers will appreciate this option.

Be ready to accept any project, regardless of software preferences.

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