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Discover the freedom of a non-Flash application. Lucidchart can be used from any browser, operating system, or device—no downloads required. Perfect for teams. We offer a variety of account levels, ranging from free to enterprise. Team users will love the simple publishing process and real-time collaborative features.

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Collaborate faster

With Lucidchart, an unlimited number of users can work on a single document.

Edits are synced instantly, and you can even reverse changes with a few clicks. It’s the superior choice for working in teams.

Benefits of the cloud

To work on iPlotz, your computer must be equipped with a Flash player.

Lucidchart is built on modern web technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript, so it's accessible anywhere, any time.

iPlotz Lucidchart

Operating systems

MacWindowsLinux MacWindowsLinux

Sharing, chatting, and real-time collaborating

(without any additional products)

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HTML-based software


Visio import & export

(including Visio stencils)


Extensive shape libraries


Free licenses for lite users

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Adaptable tools

iPlotz is priced similarly to Lucidchart, but we offer far more shape libraries.

Create org charts, process flows, UML diagrams, mind maps, flowcharts, and other diagrams with Lucidchart.

Range of pricing options

Visio compatibility

Visio import and export will help you interface with traditional colleagues and clients. We even support Visio stencil import.

Don’t let software preferences keep you from accepting a project.