MockFlow Alternative

Lucidchart is perfect for teams who need a versatile diagramming tool for developing wireframes, mockups, and other visual planning resources.
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More than mockups

With Lucidchart, you get much more than mockups. If you're in the development stage of a project, try using a mind map to organize your thoughts.

Team solution

If you're looking to outfit your team with mockup and wireframing software, Lucidchart is a financially savvy choice. Depending on your account type, Lucidchart could be more than 50% cheaper than MockFlow.



Operating systems

MacWindowsLinux MacWindowsLinux

Sharing, chatting, and real-time collaborating

(without any additional products)

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Visio import & export

including Visio stencils


Extensive shape libraries


Mockups & wireframes

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User-friendly interface

You won't need to waste time with lengthy tutorials to get started with Lucidchart. Drag-and-drop technology, self-prompting shapes, and intuitive editing make it easy to jump right in.

Easy diagramming

Making diagrams shouldn’t be difficult. Lucidchart cuts through the learning curve to deliver a product that’s immediately accessible. Enjoy the advantages of themed layouts, customizable templates, drag-and-drop technology, and a clean, intuitive interface.

Visio compatible

Lucidchart is not only Mac compatible, it’s also Visio compatible. That means that you can import your VDX, VSDX, and VSD files directly into the editor. You can also export files back to Visio if you need to deliver them to users who aren’t on Lucidchart yet.

Fully integrated

Our numerous integrations make Lucidchart the perfect solution for your team. If you are using Google Apps, you can integrate your domain with Lucidchart and organize your team from there. We also offer an easy-to-use team admin panel.

Simple sharing

Since Lucidchart is hosted on the web, sharing is that much easier. Try posting a funny flowchart on social media, or share a sensitive document securely through email. You can also download your diagrams in a variety of image formats for web sharing or printing.