Cloudcraft vs. Lucidchart

Cloudcraft can’t compare with the power of Lucidchart Cloud Insights, which allows users to automatically generate cloud architecture diagrams for AWS, GCP, and Azure.

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Cloudcraft vs. Lucidchart

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The more advanced Cloudcraft alternative

  1. Support across AWS, GCP, and Azure cloud platforms

    Both Cloudcraft and Lucidchart support building cloud diagrams from AWS, but only Lucidchart also supports Azure and GCP cloud environments. Easily import your cloud provider data into Lucidchart to automatically generate your cloud architecture diagram, saving you hours of manual work.

  2. Automatically generated diagrams to better understand and optimize the cloud

    In Cloudcraft, you would need to make changes to your diagram layout or views manually, which becomes a tedious process. Lucidchart Cloud Insights generates your entire cloud diagram and lets you adjust layouts and views in a few clicks.

  3. Complete revision histories that track every change

    Cloudcraft doesn’t provide any tracking of document changes. Lucidchart stores a complete revision history of your work so you can see how your architecture has changed over time.

  4. More filter options for viewing your cloud diagrams

    Cloudcraft does offer some filtering and search options, but it only highlights shapes rather than adjusting the visual as a whole. In Lucidchart Cloud Insights, you can create and save multiple custom views and draw lines between relationships and resources after you auto-generate your diagram. Hone in on important details with custom filters like AWS tags or availability zones.

Let Lucidchart Cloud Insights automatically create your cloud diagrams

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The features that set Lucidchart Cloud Insights apart

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Create professional diagrams with tools and icons specific to AWS, GCP, and Azure

Lucidchart comes fully equipped with the standard symbols and icons specific to individual cloud providers, allowing you to create professional-quality and industry-standard architecture diagrams. Save time by auto-generating your diagrams using Lucidchart Cloud Insights, or use one of our templates to help you visualize cloud environment needs, plan migration strategies, and chart current or future states. 

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Collaborate in real time with your entire team

Lucidchart lets you collaborate on your cloud diagram in real time, including shape-specific comments and @mention notifications, so your collaborators can quickly take action when and where it’s needed. With extensive sharing options, your diagram can operate as a single source of truth that is accessible from any device or operating system. Use Presentation Mode to easily present your diagram to leadership or other stakeholders. 

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Showcase and share diagrams with today’s most popular apps

With deep integrations across today’s most popular apps, you can access and share your diagram using the programs you and your team are already invested in. Our Atlassian integrations let you add your diagram to a Confluence wiki page or Jira ticket for others to reference. Use our G Suite and MS Office integrations to include visuals in any document, spreadsheet, or presentation. 

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Count on enterprise-level security

Work with confidence knowing that Lucidchart meets the highest standards of enterprise security, including GDPR compliance and SOC 2 certification. Those who use Lucidchart Cloud Insights will also experience all the benefits of a Lucidchart Enterprise account. Increase account security and keep proprietary information private through features such as single sign-on, SCIM provisioning, document retention, data deletion, and easy admin controls. 

Visualize, understand, and optimize the cloud

"Lucidchart allows me to in minutes, draft and share and collaborate designs of AWS architecture, process flow charts and timelines for roadmaps easily."

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