Lucidchart Cloud Insights provides users with an unbeatable combination of time-saving auto-generation, customization, and collaborative functionality that can’t match.

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Cloud diagrams to help you visualize, optimize, and plan

  1. Support for AWS, GCP, and Azure cloud environments

    While supports building cloud diagrams from AWS, Lucidchart Cloud Insights lets users auto-generate cloud diagrams from AWS, Azure, and GCP cloud provider data. 

  2. An optimal collaborative experience for creating and sharing

    Lucidchart’s collaborative workspace and real-time updates make it easy to align your team and optimize your cloud—from anywhere. With shape-specific comments and @mentions, you can pinpoint exactly where your diagram needs attention, troubleshoot problem areas, and plan more efficiently.

  3. Thorough revision history to easily track changes

    Unlike, Lucidchart Cloud Insights keeps a thorough record of every change made to your document over time. Conveniently track individual changes and who made them to see how your architecture has changed over time. 

  4. Auto-generated diagrams, tailored to your specifications

    Lucidchart Cloud Insights lets you auto-generate your cloud diagrams with visible line connections to visualize different relationships. You can also turn line visibility on and off, toggle by line connection type, and change your line style at any time. 

  5. More filter options for viewing your cloud diagrams can’t compete with Lucidchart Cloud Insights’ ability to hone in on important data with custom filters. Easily create and save filters to remove unnecessary details based on specific criteria.

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The features that make Lucidchart the best

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Collaborate with everyone, everywhere

Lucidchart was built to help teams communicate and collaborate, with  features like real-time updates, shape-specific comments, @mention notifications, permissions management, and more. Make your document a single source of truth that your team can access, no matter what device, operating system, or time zone they’re working from. 

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Share your work using our powerful Lucidchart integrations

Lucidchart’s integrations let you add your architecture diagrams to the apps your team uses on a daily basis. Attach a diagram to any Jira ticket or Confluence wiki page for reference. Use our MS Office or G Suite integrations to insert your visuals to any word document, spreadsheet, or slide presentation. 

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Easily maintain cloud architecture diagrams and track revisions

Every change you make to your cloud diagrams is tracked in a thorough revision history and reflected instantly in Lucidchart and many other places where your visual exists, such as a Confluence wiki. Keep your cloud infrastructure diagrams accurate and up to date for your infrastructure engineers, architects, and security leads.

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Find the shapes you need to build professional cloud diagrams

Lucidchart Cloud Insights provides CSP-specific icons that support AWS, GCP, and Azure cloud environments. Once you have auto-generated a visual of your cloud infrastructure, you can convert your data-backed diagram into an editable version so you can plan your future state, still leveraging industry-standard icons.

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"Lucidchart allows me to in minutes, draft and share and collaborate designs of AWS architecture, process flow charts and timelines for roadmaps easily."

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