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See our in-depth guide on flowcharts and flowchart creation. These pages will answer all your questions, from "What is a flowchart?" to "When should I use one?"

Org Chart

Are you new to org charts? Read this simple guide on how to make an org chart. You'll learn the basic org chart types and how to structure them.

Mind Map

What is a mind map? This guide will walk you through the characteristics of a mind map and several examples of mind mapping applications.

Concept Map

If you're wondering "What is a concept map?", see our comprehensive guide. It'll teach you the difference between concept maps and mind maps and give real-life examples.


BPMN is a widely understood method of diagramming business process flows. Try our BPMN shape library and see how quickly you can share with co-workers.


SWOT Analysis is a useful business framework to outline your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Click here to make one of your own.


Not sure what P&ID is? See these tutorials for a clear explanation of piping and instrumentation diagrams. You'll also find recommendations on which elements to include.


If you're looking for information on ERDs, this guide will walk you through the basic components and history of entity-relationship diagrams.


This comprehensive guide to UML covers types like activity diagrams, state diagrams, use case diagrams, sequence diagrams, component diagrams, and many more.

Lean manufacturing

Learn how lean manufacturing tools can improve your business manufacturing processes. There are many types of lean manufacturing diagrams for a variety of business use cases.