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Don’t pay top-dollar for Mac-specific software programs. Lucidchart is compatible with any platform, and it offers a huge library of network diagram shapes.

Top Mac Network Diagram Software

Try our full-featured tool for mapping network diagrams. It has every option you’d expect, along with innovative ways to collaborate with your team.

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A wide variety of shapes

Don’t be surprised when you see hundreds of network diagram shapes in Lucidchart. We offer elements for AWS and Cisco networks, as well as a shape library for generic network diagrams. Turn on the tech clipart option to see miscellaneous electronics, or import needed images as PNG, JPG, or SVG files.

More Features

Customize and share

Reshape your lines, alter colors, and change the size of your canvas. In Lucidchart, customization is built into the editor, so it feels natural and time-efficient. Once your network diagram map is ready, share it with others to collect their feedback and finalize the draft.

More Features
Drag and Drop

Mapping and more

On a free account, you can enjoy the vast majority of Lucidchart’s features, including flowchart shapes and the ability to share documents. When you sign up for a premium account, access is granted to mind maps, wireframes, mockups, and full Visio interoperability. Use Lucidchart as a versatile—and affordable—visual communication tool!

More Features

Feature Highlights

Build all kinds of different flowcharts with Lucidchart’s powerful features.

  • Drag and drop

    Professional look

    A professional-looking chart will instantly improve your credibility, whether the diagram is for school or work. Automatic alignment guides can help you organize each icon, and master pages apply the same styling to each sheet.
  • Visio Import and Export

    Visio compatible

    If you’re transitioning from Visio—or simply working with more traditional colleagues—Lucidchart makes the process easy. Both Pro and Team accounts let you import, edit, and export Microsoft Visio files.
  • Google Drive

    Fully integrated

    Lucidchart’s integrations set it apart from other flowcharting tools. Access the diagrams you make directly in Google Docs and Google Drive, and use your Google account to sign in to Lucidchart. You can also integrate with Jive, Box, Confluence, and JIRA.
  • Share via print or digital

    Present and share

    You have a variety of ways to share your work with Lucidchart. Download it, post it anywhere, or invite others to collaborate with you on it directly. You can even use our handy presentation mode to organize your diagram into slides.
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