Chrome App offline mode

Lucidchart's Chrome App works in offline mode

Google Chrome users can now install our free application to enable offline document creation and editing. Even without Internet access, you can stay productive by working on your diagrams. The vast majority of Lucidchart's features are available during offline use.

How do I download Lucidchart's Chrome App?

1. Lucidchart's Chrome App requires that you download the Google Chrome browser if you don't have it already. Chrome Version 28 or later is required for the app; we recommend Version 29 for the optimal experience.

2. Next, open the Chrome Web Store and download the Lucidchart Chrome App.

How do I use the application?

After you download the app, sign into Lucidchart through the browser, either by clicking "Launch app" in the Chrome Web store listing or clicking the Lucidchart icon from a new tab. This will sync your Lucidchart files to your computer, and you only have to do it once.

Now you can work offline, creating new documents and editing existing ones. Please note that some features, such as real-time collaboration and document download, are not accessible during offline mode.

When you regain Internet access, or the next time you log into Lucidchart, all changes will be instantly saved to your account.

Offline mode is a seamless part of the application—Lucidchart automatically switches to offline mode when you disconnect from the Internet and syncs your changes as soon as you come back online. Since this is a critical and long-awaited feature for Lucidchart users, we'd like to hear your suggestions, questions, or comments. Please feel free to send us feedback.