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When facing a tough decision, creating a decision tree to map out your choices can spark meaningful discussion and help you quantify your options. Make a tree diagram today with Lucidchart’s free decision tree tool.

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Online Decision Tree Software

Define a better business strategy with a tree diagram maker that’s accessible, collaborative, and easy to use. With Lucidchart, an ideal decision tree generator, you can determine the right course of action.

Make a Decision Tree

Start with a Tree diagram template

Use one of our decision tree templates to bring your creativity to life. Customize shapes, text, and colors to share your work with greater impact than ever.

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Why use decision trees

You have to make decisions, no matter what position you hold. With a tree diagram, you can organize all the data around your options so you can find a clear winner. See the consequences of your choices before you make them and back up your business decisions with hard data.

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Real Time Collaboration

"I live in San Diego, and I have a team of 35 to 40 across the US, Costa Rica, and the UK... I can't just go to the whiteboard with them and say, 'Hey, remember the thing we drew last week?' It's these diagrams that have become the core of how we make decisions and how we hold ourselves accountable." — Patrick McClory, SVP of Platform Engineering at Datapipe

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The right decision tree software

Compare possible outcomes side by side. Mitigate risk and prevent financial losses. Support or validate your choice with management.

  • Lucid Features

    Visualize with ease

    You don’t want to spend a lot of time on a diagram you won’t use after you make a decision, but you also want your diagram to look professional when you show it to stakeholders. With our simple online tree diagram maker, you can drag and drop shapes and lines to pull together a decision tree quickly. Impress and move on with your decision.
  • Lucid Features

    Integrate with other tools

    Need to show the possible outcomes and data you’ve gathered to others? Lucidchart integrates with other leading apps, such as G Suite, Atlassian, Microsoft Office, and Slack, so you can share your decision tree wherever you work.
  • Lucid Features

    Work from anywhere

    An opportunity could come up at any time. Fortunately, our tree diagram generator lives in the cloud, so you can open the editor from anywhere and compile new data in real time. Lucidchart plays nice with Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems—which also helps when you need to share these documents with other decision makers.
  • Lucid Features

    Share with anyone

    Once you’ve organized your data, share the diagram with others who will feel the impact of this decision. Give collaborators the ability to edit, comment, or view. Remind others to review your document with @mention notifications. Use presentation mode to display your data in a meeting.
Make a Decision Tree