Incredibly affordable

Lucidchart not only increases efficiency, it also lowers costs. From unburdening your IT staff to saving thousands in licensing costs, Lucidchart saves you more.

Free your IT experts

Because maintenance and support takes place on our end, your IT staff is free to focus on other priorities. Our cloud solution takes away the hassle of desktop installation, computer-by-computer updates, hardware crashes, and lost files.

Server savings

Since Lucidchart hosts your diagramming software in our highly efficient data centers, you save money on server maintenance, support staff, and overall server load. Lucidchart keeps costs down and servers up to provide affordable 24/7/365 diagramming to your organization.

Save thousands over Visio

For the same investment, you can get up to several times more employees using Lucidchart than Visio. This translates into thousands in licensing cost savings each year.

*Visio costs assume $300 license with 3-year term for $100/license/year.