Product: Built for Collaboration

Today more than ever, business success depends on team effectiveness. We’ve designed Lucidchart with this in mind to make diagramming a truly collaborative experience.

Cross-functional sharing

Whether your workplace is large or small, communicating across departments and functions can be difficult. But poor communication increases costs and decreases productivity. Lucidchart cuts through these barriers by streamlining visual communication. Now, employees in your organization will be on the same page and speaking the same language.

Real-time collaboration

Live collaboration is central to the Lucidchart experience. Your team members can see the edits of others, discuss their work in real-time over group chat, and leave unobtrusive comments. These options create clear, comprehensible charts and more effective teams.

Multi-device support

Hardware and software incompatibility is no longer a barrier to collaboration. Since Lucidchart is cloud-based, employees can access Lucidchart any time, anywhere, from almost any Internet-enabled device. This allows local employees, remote workers, and dispersed teams to connect like never before.

Internal and external sharing

Lucidchart is a secure platform for both internal and external sharing. Diagram permissions can be customized for any scenario by separating owners, editors, commenters, and viewers. For sensitive projects, you can easily disable online publishing or restrict sharing to specific domains.

Painless version tracking

You can share documents with any number of users without the hassle of version control. The most recent version is always online and up-to-date for collaborators to access. A revision history log allows you to go back in time whenever you want!