Product: Easy from the start

The entire Lucidchart experience is designed with simplicity in mind. From rapid deployment to simple scalability, we remove the hassles so you can breathe easy.

Rapid deployment

Lucidchart reduces deployment to the push of a button. With no hardware or software to install, you can have Lucidchart up and running in a fraction of the time it takes for alternative products.

Quick adoption

Lucidchart’s intuitive interface makes it instantly accessible to employees across your entire organization. Your employees will be creating beautiful diagrams in no time! From org charts for HR, UML diagrams for engineering, and mind maps for marketing, Lucidchart will add value to your organization from day one.

Plus, unlike Visio or OmniGraffle, Lucidchart can be accessed from any computer. This grants employees more flexibility to diagram and collaborate in the office or at home across multiple devices.

Automatic updates

We’re always working to keep Lucidchart modernized—it's just part of our quest to provide the best diagramming solution on the market. Updates are automatically pushed to your users, eliminating time-consuming computer-by-computer maintenance and updates.

Simple scalability

Lucidchart is easily scalable and dynamically adjusts to your organization’s requirements. Users can be added and removed as business needs dictate, allowing you to enhance efficiency while managing growth. This saves both time and money while increasing flexibility.

Dedicated support

From simple questions to technical inquiries, Lucidchart is here for you. We offer priority enterprise support through several channels—email, web, phone—with quick resolution so you can get back to work.