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Optimize your processes

On average, operations professionals are 37% more effective at improving processes when they use Lucidchart. On our visual productivity platform, you can create and store a single source of truth for employees to follow. Delineate responsibilities and clearly see the timeline for any project.

Customer Stories

Find inspiration about how other people are using Lucidchart

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Speed up your diagramming with ready-made templates

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Learn best practices to increase collaboration on your team

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Diagram Types

Know what diagram you’re looking for? Find a template or a tutorial.

  • Network Diagram
  • Org Chart
  • Mind Map
  • Flowchart
  • ERD
  • Process Map
  • UI/UX Diagram
  • UML

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Product Features

Become a Lucidchart pro with tips and tricks about our product features

  • Import/Export
  • Advanced
  • Mobile
  • Basic
  • Tips and Tricks

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