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Drive more sales

Lucidchart provides clarity throughout the sales process, from leadership defining the rules of engagement to sales reps mapping out an organization to identify key stakeholders. On average, sales professionals save 5 hours a week as they use Lucidchart to clearly communicate value and close the deal.

Automate and Link Data to Your Diagrams
Interpreting complex data can be challenging - especially when it’s constantly changing. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to use Lucidchart to visualize data and keep it updated in real-time across your team. Specifically, you will learn how to: Visualize insights from your data (or multiple datasets) in one Lucidchart diagram See live updates from your data in easy-to-understand visualizations and diagrams Apply conditional formatting to shapes and lines so that insights, trends, and status are instantly clear Access personalized resources and templates so that you can continue to learn more
On Demand Webinar: Master the Lucidchart Basics
Join the Lucidchart Product Pros, Bear Shelton and Angie Mecham, to learn how Lucidchart can help you visually communicate ideas, information, and processes. Space is limited, so reserve your seat today—and don’t forget to come ready with all your Lucidchart questions! Specifically, you will learn how to: Solve diverse challenges with Lucidchart Create your document Navigate the Lucidchart editor Find the right shapes or templates for your project Customize shapes, lines, and styles Share your work with others Collaborate on diagrams in real-time Eliminate version control nightmares with Lucidchart's revision history Export your document as a PDF, JPG, PNG, VDX, and more Easily integrate your work into G Suite, Office, Confluence, and more Access resources and tools for working better in Lucidchart

Industry Insights

Solve common business problems with visual communication

How to Use Lucidchart for Marketing
Our friends at HyperX Media will show you how to use Lucidchart to get the most out of your marketing automation investment, which requires strategic and tactical alignment between marketing, sales, sales operations, and executives. Communication mapping is a proven way to clearly articulate your strategy with all stakeholders. Join us on May 24, 2017 at 11AM PST and learn how to develop a Lucidchart map to find, visualize, and accelerate your marketing automation success. The following topics will be discussed: The Purpose of Communication Maps Marketing Automation Strategy Building Blocks How to Create Workflow Diagrams in Lucidchart How to Build Communication Maps Live Q&A and Much More...
6 Visual Communication Hacks to Increase Productivity [On Demand Webinar]
Whether it’s a video, a diagram, or graphic, visual assets have the ability to communicate information better and faster than ever before, compared to traditional mediums. Join Lucidchart and CloudApp as they share specific insights on how the world’s most respected companies communicate visually to create, collaborate, and share information. In this webinar, you'll learn: Why Visual Communication Matters Best Forms of Visual Communication Examples of Visual Communication Hacks in the Workplace The Future of Visual Communication and Collaboration Plus more…

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