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Lucidchart keeps product managers, UX designers, and developers on the same page as they build impactful products. Product teams innovate 40% faster, on average, when they use Lucidchart. Map anything from customer journey maps to user flows to determine high-level architecture before development.

Lucidchart Pro Tips for Process Flows

Join Lucidchart expert Paige Allen to learn pro tips for building faster, clearer, and more effective process flows. From tips for setting up your project for success, helpful shortcuts, easy design hacks, and insights on how to maximize impact, we g...

The ROI of Using a Visual Productivity Platform

Empower your entire organization to work visually We’re sure that you’ve heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”—probably a thousand times. But how often does your organization put this common phrase into practice? Many engineering t...

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Industry Insights

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