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9 Ways for Sales Engineers to Win Back Time and Close Faster

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Save hours of time with our ultimate guide to efficiency

As a sales engineer, you can never find enough hours in the day. You are largely outnumbered by sales reps who need your expertise. You frequently get pulled into customer calls with little information. You start from scratch on most of your proposals because every prospect wants a completely customized solution.

We feel your pain—and we’re here to help. We have scrutinized every step of your sales cycle, from the discovery process to implementation, to find areas where you lose time and show you how to win it back. If you want to close deals faster and stop stretching yourself too thin, download this e-book today.

In this e-book, you’ll find solutions for:

  • Gathering enough discovery information
  • Leveraging the work and expertise of other sales engineers
  • Gathering details on a prospect’s systems and processes
  • Preparing champions to demonstrate the ROI of your product or service
  • Building customized proposals in the format customers want
  • Passing information off to the implementation team