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How to Close Deals Faster with Effective Account Mapping

How to Close Deals Faster with Effective Account Mapping

Navigate today’s complex sale with account maps

As a sales rep, you have your work cut out for you as you try to navigate today’s complex sale. When you’re working a deal, you’re no longer just dealing with the director of IT or the marketing manager—instead, you’ve got an entire buying committee to win over. Plus, the tools you rely on don’t always offer the big picture needed to build effective account plans and operate strategically.

Account maps are the missing piece for navigating complex sales, allowing you to effectively organize account information and find the best path to sale.

Download this e-book to learn how to create account maps that make the data in your CRM usable and help you close bigger deals faster.

In this e-book, you’ll learn how to:

  • See your entire deal without digging through your CRM.
  • Identify champions, blockers, influencers, and buyers.
  • Understand the political landscape within a company.
  • Gain executive sponsorship for your deals.
  • Transition accounts between reps.