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How to Test Your Buyer Experience

how to test your buyer experience

What you don’t know about your sales cycle can cost you deals and dollars

Because today’s sales cycle has become so complex, both from increasing competition and the number of decision-makers you have to persuade, it’s more important than ever that you provide an exceptional and seamless buyer experience to close the deal. At every stage, you need to tailor the experience to your buyer’s needs and motivations, or it could cost you customers.

However, your sales org can’t improve the buyer experience without understanding where it currently stands. To find the gap between what you think your buyers are experiencing and the reality, you have to walk a mile in your prospect’s shoes and test your process. Every touchpoint—from awareness to growing the account post-sale—should be up for evaluation.

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As a bonus, once you have used these strategies to test, read our e-book to start improving your buyer experience.