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How Visuals Power Team Collaboration and Communication

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96% of executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication as the main reason for workplace failures. Even with email, video conferencing, messaging platforms, and other tools at our disposal, we still haven’t mastered the art of communication—because words don’t always paint the picture fast enough… or at all.

It’s time to find a better way.

Industry leaders have decided visual communication is the key. They use visuals to break through the noise, allowing for clearer communication, increased understanding, and improved efficiency. In fact, 96% of the Fortune 500 use Lucidchart to power visual communication at their company.

See how companies have tapped into the power of visual communication and are witnessing real results.

In this e-book, you’ll learn:

  • How Mozilla keeps product managers and UX designers on the same page
  • How DocuSign makes quarterly planning with remote teams more efficient
  • How Delta Airlines reinforces processes at its maintenance hub
  • How Lucidchart was built from the ground up for improved communication

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