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Shorten Your Sales Cycle with Better Deal Reviews

Shorten Your Sales Cycle with Better Deal Reviews

Save time and gain the insights you need to close deals faster

The sales industry has changed dramatically. Because prospects are more informed and more people (6.8, on average) have to sign off on a single purchase, sales reps have may find it difficult to close deals on their own. Cue the deal review.

When executed correctly, deal reviews give sales reps that support they need—these meetings bring cross-functional teams together and leverage everyone’s experience and connections to move the account forward and shorten the sales cycle. When executed poorly, deal reviews reveal no new insights and waste time better spent on revenue-generating activities.

In this e-book, you’ll learn how to standardize your deal reviews so they are efficient and insightful every time. Apply these strategies to:

  • Quickly bring everyone up to speed on a deal’s status.
  • Ensure that sales reps consistently provide the right information.
  • Make sales reps more accountable for action items agreed upon in the deal review.
  • Leverage executive connections.