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With our Salesforce integration, you can automatically import your Salesforce contacts into Lucidchart and use them to build powerful account maps. Leverage information previously buried in your CRM and visualize the best path to sale.

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Import Salesforce contacts

Salesforce contains valuable data—but it doesn’t connect the dots or show you the relationships that create the consensus necessary to close a deal. In Lucidchart, you can import your Salesforce contacts with the click of a button and drag and drop them to quickly build account maps that help you discover key relationships and next steps toward closed-won.


Keep account information within the company

Account maps created with the integration are centrally owned and managed in Salesforce, so you won’t lose crucial insights if employees leave the company. When accounts change hands, the new owner can access previously created account maps and easily review the deal’s history. Anyone with access to the Salesforce account or opportunity can view the map, including leadership who need to accurately predict pipeline.


Identify key roles

Once you import and start organizing your contacts, you can assign them roles such as champion, blocker, and economic buyer as you determine the right people to target. Salesforce admins can customize the roles and fields for contact details to increase clarity and ensure that the entire sales org uses the same terminology.


View important details at a glance

Your organization can centrally deploy and manage our Salesforce integration—decide what key fields and information from Salesforce will be displayed within Lucidchart to standardize account maps across the company. Any changes made in Lucidchart will be instantly reflected in Salesforce.

Our complete Salesforce integration is available for Enterprise accounts. Individual users can also manually import Salesforce contacts into Lucidchart with a Pro account.

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