Sequence Diagram for ATM System (UML)

Sequence diagram for ATM System

Sequence diagrams are a type of interaction diagram that show a specific sequence of events. Lucidchart makes drawing and editing these diagrams easy.

Sequence diagrams show the relationships between objects in a specific sequence of events in UML. They're perfect for giving an overview of a specific process, and you can easily put them together with Lucidchart’s editing software.

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Sequence Diagram for ATM System

An ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) allows patrons to access their bank accounts in a completely automated process. You can examine the steps of this process in a manageable way by drawing or viewing a sequence diagram. The example below outlines the sequential order of the interactions in the ATM system. You can see at a glance how the system works; just click to edit the template so it suits your own needs.

ATM System Sequence Diagram

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Sequence diagram for ATM System (UML)

Sequence Diagram Examples in Lucidchart

Lucidchart provides many examples of sequence diagrams. Whether you need to make changes to a hospital management chart or find out which steps in an online shopping system lead to checkout, we have what you need. Any of our templates can be edited in just a few clicks, and sharing the finished product is painless. Start editing and collaborating by choosing one of the examples below to work on.

Sequence diagram examples

Sequence diagram for online shopping system example

Take a look at each step in this sequence for an online shopping experience. Lucidchart’s adaptable template demonstrates how customers add items to their online cart and purchase them.

Sequence diagram examples

Sequence diagram for hospital management system example

This diagram captures the big picture for a hospital management sequence of events, showing how prescriptions and patient info are processed internally.

Sequence diagram examples

Sequence diagram for library management example

Want to understand library management? This chart diagrams the sequence of related events and interactions for a library management system. Drag and drop to add your own shapes!

Lucidchart makes learning UML easy with an extensive shape library, easy-to-use editing tools, and a slick user interface. Start your free trial today!

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