Lucidchart Cloud Insights

Use cloud visuals to quickly resolve incidents, prep for security reviews, respond to compliance audits, and verify migration and implementation.

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Visualize and understand the cloud

Visualize and understand the cloud

Maintain up-to-date diagrams

Ensure your teams are working with an accurate depiction of your environment when they truly need it, such as during incident response.

Drill into the information that matters

Declutter your cloud diagrams to create different views, like high-level overviews for leadership or tailored versions that help engineers resolve incidents faster.

Leverage key cloud governance data

Stay on top of security, compliance, and internal best practices by seeing your metadata, such as instance or host name, security groups, tags or labels, and more, in the context of your architecture diagram.

Communicate clearly with all stakeholders

Don’t let miscommunications and misunderstandings between technical and non-technical teams create bottlenecks, prevent buy-in, or create misalignment.

Visualize, access, refresh your data


Automatically visualize your VPCs, EC2s, Lambdas, and more.


Automatically visualize your Autoscalers, SQL Instances, and more.


Automatically visualize your Virtual Machines, MySQL, Storage, and more.

Smarter cloud decisions start with visuals

  • Visualize your entire infrastructure automatically
  • Tailor your view to your scenario
  • Add context with cloud governance data
  • Loop in stakeholders and action-takers
  • Refresh data to keep diagrams accurate and up to date
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"At Informatica, the architects design and the developers develop code. And getting both on the same page is always a challenge—Lucidchart gives us a great resource between them"

Toby Foss, Director of Network Operations

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