Visualize your AWS cloud environment

Lucidchart Cloud Insights for AWS makes it easy to visualize multiple components of your cloud architecture. Zero in on Accounts, VPCs, security groups, and more to help your organization better govern the cloud with accurate and consistent diagrams.

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Visualize AWS

See how Cloud Insights can work for you

  • Automatically visualize your entire AWS infrastructure
  • Filter and customize your views based on EC2 instances, VPCs, and more
  • See your data in context of RDS, S3 Buckets, and more
  • Loop in key stakeholders and action-takers
  • Easily refresh data to keep diagrams up-to-date
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"At Informatica, the architects design and the developers develop code. And getting both on the same page is always a challenge—Lucidchart gives us a great resource between them."

Toby Foss, Director of Network Operations

Maintain accurate documentation

Create and maintain documentation

Import and refresh the data backing your diagram with Cross-Account or IAM roles. Your data is reflected in your updated diagrams and anywhere else you reference these visuals.

Tailor diagram views

Tailor your diagram views

Customize and save high-level overviews of your architecture for various situations or audiences. Filter by criteria such as tags or EC2 instances. Even generate lines to represent relationships, visualize security groups, and more to hone in on what's important.

Visualize key data

Visualize and leverage key data

Easily find and reference data in the context of your AWS diagram, such as security groups, VPC Peering connections and more, without going to the AWS console. Apply conditional formatting rules to visually flag resources that violate a rule, such as unencrypted databases.

Plan cloud architectures

Plan out future cloud architectures

Automatically generate a diagram of your current cloud infrastructure to give you an accurate starting point to propose changes. Drag out new shapes to plan a future state of your cloud, including how much each new resource will cost.

Communicate with stakeholders

Communicate clearly with all stakeholders

Avoid miscommunications and misunderstandings between teams, including technical and non-technical stakeholders. Comment directly on shapes and share diagrams to collaborate seamlessly with your team. Even add the charts to your Confluence or wiki pages.

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