See the way your people work best

Lucidchart is a visual workspace that helps organizations align employees to a business strategy, maximize efficiency, and see data in context to drive better decisions.

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See the way your people work best

Insights for better people planning

Work smarter

Optimize your organization’s structure and identify redundancies across teams, locations, and skill sets with dynamic views of your team. Assign people where their skills will make the biggest impact.

Drive better decisions with data

Gather data from multiple platforms to create a single source of truth. Make informed decisions about pay, equity, and performance faster by bringing your HR information into Lucidchart org charts

Lead collaborative business transformation

With the flexibility to think outside of traditional organizational hierarchies, you can model current and future org structures to determine how best to scale your business. Create shared understanding as you loop in stakeholders and employees to move forward together.

Optimize your organization at every level

Save time and effort by importing data to create org charts that you can easily share and rearrange as your team evolves.  

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Lucidchart for Org Charts

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Use Group View for Org Charts

Use Group View for Org Charts

Benefits and Best Practices for Territory Alignment

Benefits and Best Practices for Territory Alignment

Maximize organizational efficiency

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