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When you know how your customers discover, buy, and use your product, you can build better products and capture more revenue. Visualize your customer journey to identify areas where you can improve customer experience, communicate processes internally, and seamlessly add in new features or processes.

You need to keep the entire product team on the same page in order to hit launch dates and create the products you envisioned. Use low-fidelity mockups, user flows, and other visuals to provide clarity to those building your products.

Product roadmaps build a foundation for the rest of your work. Our visual platform makes it easy to present your upcoming plans to other departments and provide a quick snapshot of your progress.

If you don’t have all the requirements when you begin a project, you risk having to redo work or missing a deadline. In Lucidchart, you can map out requirements and dependencies to keep you organized and ensure that you have built the product according to plan.

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Western Union Case Study

Alberto, a go-to-market manager for Western Union, switched from Visio to Lucidchart to create visuals guiding successful product launches.

Uber Case Study

As a product manager, Rahul uses Lucidchart to translate his product ideas into a tangible and understandable format so he can receive the buy-in he needs to move them forward.

Why User Flow Diagrams Are Worth Your Time

Consistently diagramming good user flows will help you to hurdle a number of headaches, develop a better product, and save you time. 

Lucidchart makes it easier to convey information quickly, preventing a need for back-and-forth to clarify specifics around what we try to convey with documentation. It really helps to reduce the amount of time that has to go towards communicating ideas and plans around complex systems.

James Beveridge, Product Director at Dun & Bradstreet

Visualize customer journeys, product roadmaps, and user flows

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