Collaborate while working remotely

Lucidchart is a collaborative workspace that brings remote teams together to brainstorm, align on processes, and work together in real time.

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Collaborate while working remotely

Maximize productivity and real-time collaboration with your remote team

Use a collaborative workspace

Take advantage of a flexible workspace where remote teams can use a variety of team collaboration tools to work together in real time and share their work with others, regardless of device or physical location. Keep stakeholders in the loop, receive and implement feedback, and customize document access as you all work from a single source of truth, without having to deal with versioning issues.

Brainstorm ideas and whiteboard online

Drive innovation and team engagement with whiteboarding sessions that help you solve tough problems and eliminate communication barriers. With an infinite canvas, sticky notes, and a variety of shapes, our team collaboration software makes it easy to surface the best ideas and leave conference room whiteboards behind.

Optimize your team structure, processes and systems

Whether you’re establishing a new process, assessing team skill sets and bandwidth, doing sprint planning, or documenting how your systems talk to each other, Lucidchart provides the elevated perspective you need to understand all of the moving parts. Move forward together with confidence, even when you’re not sharing office space.

Take your collaboration with remote teams to a whole new level.

How Docusign revolutionized their cross-functional planning process

How Docusign revolutionized their cross-functional planning process

Eliminate barriers to productivity for your remote teams with Lucidchart’s visual, collaborative workspace

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