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Set your sales team up for success by helping them focus on activities that directly affect revenue. In Lucidchart, you can easily visualize and implement processes across the entire team. Better yet, our visual productivity platform can empower your sales reps to close bigger deals faster as they better target prospects and take ownership for their pipeline.

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Account maps. Automated.

With our Salesforce integration, you can automatically import Salesforce contacts into Lucidchart and find the best path to sale faster.
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Lucidchart for Sales

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Sales Representatives

The path to sale is never linear. Use Lucidchart to target the right people and close bigger deals as you:

  • Build account maps to identify key relationships.
  • Leverage critical info previously buried in your CRM.
  • Get an accurate pulse on any deal—even when you’re new to the account.
  • Receive better coaching and gain executive sponsorship on critical deals.
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Sales Leadership

Use Lucidchart to clearly understand the health and current status of your sales org. As your reps create influence maps, you will:

  • Ensure account knowledge stays within the organization.
  • Drive more accurate forecasting and predictability.
  • Conduct more effective deal reviews and 1:1s.
  • See immediate impact without expensive rollouts.
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Technical Sales

Reaffirm your expertise to potential customers without all the time and tedium. In Lucidchart, you can:

  • Clearly demonstrate ROI through professional diagrams.
  • Save time and automate your work.
  • Deliver visuals the way your customers like them.
  • Share best practices and knowledge with your team.
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Sales Ops and Enablement

Lucidchart helps you bridge the gap between people and process. In our intuitive visual platform, you can:

  • Build scalable processes.
  • Customize your CRM for maximum efficiency.
  • Onboard new employees and manage account transitions.
  • Centralize sales documentation.
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I find that when we're talking to different people, when I am able to use a diagram to show how Okta would work for their particular use case, it starts to click so much better than me just trying to articulate on the phone. Because words are very dry and are open to too much interpretation.

Dan Marma, Cloud Enterprise Architect at Okta
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