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browserbarEnable your sales reps to build account maps

Empower your reps by giving them the tools they need to succeed. With Lucidchart, reps can import their Salesforce contacts to quickly build account maps that allow them to visualize key relationships and identify the best path to sale.

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browserbarStore account knowledge within Salesforce

With our Salesforce integration, all account maps are centrally owned and managed in Salesforce, so your company will maintain access to essential account knowledge when a rep leaves or changes territories. Lucidchart allows sales reps to work independently and better leverage account information—within an environment you manage.

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browserbarDrive more accurate forecasting

It can be tough to assess pipeline and understand where your sales org is really at with its numbers. In your centrally managed Lucidchart account, sales managers and leadership can access account maps to quickly understand the progress on an account or deal at any time, leading to accurate reporting.

browserbarConduct in-depth deal reviews

1:1s are ineffective when the sales rep has to search through emails, pull up LinkedIn profiles, and click through Salesforce. Lucidchart provides an instant snapshot into the current status of an account, so you can identify gaps, find potential next steps, and provide more meaningful coaching.

browserbarRoll out solutions quickly

Other solutions come with extremely expensive rollouts, complicated implementation, and extensive training that ultimately exhaust your sales reps. Not the case with Lucidchart. You can roll out our solution overnight—Lucidchart allows your reps to work the account according to your sales methodology and in the way that makes most sense for them.

E-book: Removing the Hidden Barriers to Closing Deals

Improve internal sales communications to boost your bottom line

I create account maps for all my deals to understand the key mobilizers and influencers in the deal. I had a six-figure deal at the end of 2017 where I thought I knew who all the players were and I thought I knew who the top executive was. For some reason, I didn’t build out the account map, and as a result, I missed that there was a CMO… I thought the VP was the top marketer. If I had done the exercise of building out the account map, I would have known there was a CMO that we needed to talk to as well—and I lost the deal as a result.
Bill Hutzul, Director of Sales at LookbookHQ