Nail and scale your sales processes

Build and implement the processes that lead to successful sales. In Lucidchart, you can outline how team members, tasks, and software interact throughout the sales cycle and share your optimized processes to prevent confusion and ensure adoption.
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Lucidchart for Sales Operations

Create scalable processes

Whether you’re preparing for your company to grow or simply trying to avoid conflict by defining handoffs, you can smooth out your sales process in Lucidchart. Our intuitive platform allows you to easily build out processes and reduce bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

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Customize your CRM

Lucidchart also plays a part as you work behind the scenes to design and build your CRM to successfully manage and document the entire sales process. Build ERDs to design CRM structure and databases before implementation to help automate processes faster and create a more effective tool for sales reps.

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Train new employees easily

Lucidchart helps you bridge the gap between people and process. With visuals, you can share large amounts of information, including deal flows, rules of engagement, and conversation trees, in a way that’s simple for the sales team to digest and implement.

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Maintain a single source of truth

Keep your most accurate messaging and training on hand. Our powerful sharing functionality allows you to send diagrams directly, provide access links, or embed diagrams into the tools your team uses daily, including Slack, Confluence, G Suite, and Microsoft Office.

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A lot of times we find that by mapping out someone's sales process, we find some inefficiencies, and so we're able to make some recommendations there. More importantly, we can show them exactly where and how our platform and our products will fit into it. Then what sort of results that they'll see.

Sean Sampson, Global Sales Enablement at


No matter what process you want to demonstrate to your sales org, our templates will help you create impressive documentation. Choose a template below to get started!

Nail and scale your sales processes. Try Lucidchart today!

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